1. Abdominal Crunches—Simple Work Out to Reduce Your Belly Fat

A well toned belly will enhance your overall personality and make you look great in all types of outfits. Who does not want to possess a flat and well toned belly that would earn you a few envious glances? Now you too can develop stronger abs by following a few simple exercises.

The tape watchers often set out on diverse exercises to get a flat tummy. However, it is important to choose the right options to get the best results. Do not start the work outs with highly unrealistic goals that wafer thin tummy in 7 days. The time might differ from case to case as it depends on various factors like the amount of flab you wish to shed.

Abdominal crunch is a simple exercise to chuck out a protruding belly, which could make you self conscious and less confident in social and professional circles. It is quite effective in burning the belly fat in a very short period of time. One of the most effective work outs, abdominal crunch is recommended by most of the fitness professionals. Though it will be difficult to do abdominal crunches in the beginning, you will find it easy and interesting as days pass and you can see great results within a month.

How to do

The best part is that abdominal crunches can be done at home as no special equipments are needed to work out the belly fat. Lie down on the floor, bend the knees with feet on the floor and hold the hands just by the side of the ears. Now crunch up lifting the head and chest a bit and try to touch the knees with the forehead. After this, move down slowly, exhaling the air. Downward movement should be slow and smooth then the crunch up movement. Rolling off the upper torso will help you reduce the belly fat.

For quick results, push the chest and head towards the ceiling all the while pushing the lower back flat onto the floor. This work out will cause stress on the abdominal region. It is recommended to do the crouches in a lying position as sit up position can strain the lower back and hip excessively.

Ideally the work out patterns can be repeated 10 times at a time and can be done thrice a day with a time interval of 5-15 minutes to get the best results.


Make sure that the head faces the ceiling in the initial position so that it remains in line with the spine. The chin should not touch your chest as it will shift the pressure from the abdomen to the neck region. The crunching up and down movements should be done in optimum speed to ensure the best results. Do not keep the feet on a bench while doing this work out.

2. Belly Resting – The Unique Work Out Plans for the Tummy Line

In the modern world of perfect figures, a bulging tummy line is the last thing that anyone would like to live with! Stomach is the first place most people gain weight and the last place people lose weight. At times it could be frustrating to bit as the stomach fat refuses to leave the belly line.

There are some quick tips to shed stomach fat quickly including dieting, belly exercise, and lifestyle changed that will help you to reduce the unsightly stomach fat. Belly fat accumulation not only results in a bulky tummy line but also can lead to an array of health conditions and painful situations too The best way to avoid all these problems is to prevent the accumulation of fat in the early stages itself. The inflammation syndrome, which results from belly fat is malignant and can cause abnormalities in the functions of the body cells. Belly resting exercise is quite effective in preventing such disorders at an early stage itself.

How to Do

The basic idea of belly resting exercise is to bring the whole body weight to the belly by lying down flat on ground. The right method to do this is to lie on a flat ground and take in as much air as possible. Then, the arms and legs are slowly lifted off the ground and stretch it full length. Remain in this position for at least one minute. The inhaled air and the hard ground exert pressure on the stomach muscles from both sides resulting in sweating out and dissipating energy.

As it can be done anywhere that too without any work out equipments, belly resting has gained many followers. These exercises help you lose belly fat and get a well toned belly line. It takes more energy to maintain stronger muscles, so you burn more calories and lose more fat even when you rest after doing stomach exercises. However, a well balanced die plan is also equally important along with exercises to get the best possible results.


This exercise should be repeated ten times at a time either in the morning or late evening before taking heavy meals.


Wear loose and comfortable dress that allows free blood circulation while doing this routine. This exercise is not to be done after consuming heavy meals and on a full stomach as it might lead to pain or discomfort. Do this exercise in an open area with fresh air supply and moderate sunlight which will keep the body fresh and gives ease to your mind while exercising.


This exercise will help you to shed the flab around the tummy area naturally without any side effects. The natural method will give slow but steady results in reducing belly fat and enhancing overall health. By continuing this exercise, you can keep the belly line under check and enjoy a good and healthy life style. This exercise acts directly on the belly region as the whole body weight along with the gravitational force is focused on the belly.

3. Vacuum Pose and Belly Rubs – The Simple Workouts That Can Be Done Anywhere

The changing lifestyles and fast food culture have been the main reasons for the bulging tummy line. However, in case you have a will to try out a thorough makeover, then vacuum pose and belly rubs would be a good choice to reduce the belly fat. The best thing is that these can be done at home during your spare time without much effort or preparation. The chances of relapse will be the highest in the initial few days of the work out, so make doubly sure that you stick to the stipulated work out hours to ensure the best results.

Vacuum Pose

As the name suggests, this is sucking out the air from the stomach. You can hold breath for 15- 60 second and then release and then do it again after a 30 second rest.. Though it is very simple, it is effective in reducing the belly fat over a period of time. The belly, movements should be in rhythmic order to ensure regular supply of fresh air. The dual advantage of this exercise is circulation of fresh air, which will break up the fat molecules and the other one is application of pressure in the belly region.

Belly Rubs

This is another simple and casual workout regimen for reducing the tummy. Simply rub the stomach region with soft hands wiping the surface, which in turn will produce some heat. The produced heat will penetrate into the skin layer and break up the fat deposits underneath the skin thereby reducing the fat present in the belly region without any rigorous exercises.


These exercises can be done as per your convenience and can be done as many times as you wish.


These are simple exercises that can be done very quickly and casually. It is very effective in preventing the fat from getting deposited. These belly fat exercises can be done either before or after the food. It can be an ideal family work out regimen as this can be done indoors without the need for any work out equipments or rigorous and sweating exercises that last for hours together. These flexible work outs can also be done along with other routines like abdominal crunch or hip raise exercise.

This exercise can be done anywhere and at any time you wish. It can be even done while you are in queues for shopping or while in front of the TV and the funniest thing is that not many people will do that you are in fact exercising! Make sure to keep the upper body straight while doing this exercise.

If you can do it for 30 minutes every day, it will make great change in your waist line. Once you become an expert in the vacuum pose you can start to breathe regularly as the muscle burn will lessen.

4. Trunk Rotation – The Best Way to Reduce Belly Fat

In case you have tried and tested many tips in vain for reducing belly fat, trunk rotation will surely be of help to you. It is a simple exercise that is useful for maintaining a well toned waist line and stiff muscles. The best thing is that it targets the belly region instead of the whole body and gives faster and better results in belly fat reduction.

How to Do?

Lie down on a flat floor with knees at 90 degrees and the feet should be parallel to the floor. The hands are kept on either side and should face east and west direction. Now keep one hand parallel to the body, twist your trunk region towards the left while the right hand is facing right. Repeat the procedure on the other side.
Take a deep breath and the body should be twisted to around 45 degrees sideward. Now, without disturbing the position of hands and legs full circular twists should be done completing a circle. Same procedure should be followed in clock wise and anti clockwise directions so that balanced pressure is exerted on the abdominal muscles.


Inhale air before starting the exercise and while doing the exercise, air should be slowly exhaled. Fresh air is taken in before the work out and as you exercise the impure gases let out by the body should be exhaled. Air should be inhaled while the stomach expands and exhaled when the stomach is constricted.
In case you are seriously interested to have a flat stomach, then trunk rotation could well be your choice. There is no need for you to get bored doing the same old abs exercises, as trunk rotation is one of the most effective work out for reducing belly fat. So, in case you are willing to put in that extra bit, this exercise will do wonders on your frame.

Trunk rotation can also be done with a body bar, which ill work out the abs and the obliques apart from increasing the torso mobility. Stand with both feet apart and keep the bar on the back of your shoulders and grip it firmly. While contracting your stomach muscles, rotate your shoulders as far as possible without any movement at your belly button. Return to the starting position and rotate to the other side.


This exercise can be repeated 8 to 12 times a day with 2 to 3 sets.


Make sure to wear loose and comfortable dresses that do not prevent the free blood flow in your body. It is recommended not to take food during or before starting the exercise as it could result in nausea like sensations. The effects are quick as it is difficult exercise, which imparts target pressures. This exercise will leave you exhausted as it consumes lot of energy. Replenish slats and water by drinking glucose mixed with water.

5. Get a Well Sculpted Belly Line with Dumbbell Side Bends

The smart appliances and domestic gadgets have made the chores so simple and effortless that the new generation people are not getting any chance to burn off fat naturally. The easy life styles and the fast food culture are cited as the two main reasons for piling up fat around the belly region.
Abdomen is highly vulnerable for fat accumulation because of the elasticity of the cells that stretch to accommodate fat deposits. Studies show that people with more fat in the abdomen are more prone to heart diseases and diabetes apart from respiratory problems. If you are serious about reducing your belly size, then dumb bell side bends could be a good choice.

True to the name, side bends are quite effective for those who have a big layer of fat in the tummy area and want to knock them off on the sides. This exercise tones the abdominal muscles and ensures a flat look. Side bends are simple home exercises, which ensure stretching of all the abdominal muscles along with the back muscles. The cyclic contraction and expansion of the side hip muscles will help in burning off the accumulated fat in the hip region.

How to Do?

Dumb bell side bends act on the oblique muscles of the mid section. Stand upright with your feet at shoulder width and the dumb bell is placed in any one of the hand. The knees are kept straight and the empty hand may either be rested on the hip or hung down free. BY holding the dumb bell in the right hand, bend sideways to the right holding the pelvis very firm. When you hit the maximum point, inhale, hold the breath and retain the initial vertical position and then exhale. Repeat the same steps continuously without any gap and the same steps can be repeated for the left side of the body as well. Make sure that the knees and feet are held firm and steadily. You have to bend at the waist and not at the knee or feet.

Side bends can cause a burning pain in the hip and this denotes that you are doing it in the right patterns and the fat cells are getting hit! More the work out more is the pain and more will be the fat loss from the belly region. This exercise is even effective in preventing a humpback by giving a flat structure because the exercise increases the blood flow to the working muscles of the back, making it firm and upright. This exercise is well suited for sports persons as it builds up rotational strength which is important in many sports that involve throwing like baseball or soccer.


Never look at the weight when performing this exercise; concentrate instead to maintain a perfect posture by looking straight ahead.Do not use dumb bells in both the hands as it might counterbalance the weight and cancels the lateral resistance movement, which is very important in this exercise.

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