HGH Supplements: Questions of Performance

As HGH supplements hit the shelves of stores like GNC and REI throughout the nation, companies are making tons of claims that their human growth hormone (HGH) is the product to have in your daily regimen. But are they?

In fact, most HGH supplements are not very effective. Nutrition companies may claim they have invented a miracle, but most are simply pills that make you think you are better. The only net effect of these pills is more zeroes on the company’s bottom line.
Some companies will promise increased muscle gain and fat loss if you take their human growth hormone (HGH supplements). They are actually citing the effects of human growth hormone injections. No studies of supplements have proven that they are equally effective.

Others will claim to have put actual human growth hormone in their supplement, which can be a dangerous lie. Human growth hormone like that used for injections requires a prescription by FDA rules. Either the substance doesn’t have enough human growth hormone to be effective or you need a prescription to get it.

Companies who claim their human growth hormone are “FDA Approved” are also lying because nutritional dietary supplements like human growth hormone are not even examined by the FDA. The reason there are so many nutritional supplements out there is that none of them have to pass FDA regulations. You should be on guard when considering human growth hormone that claims to be approved.

There are ways to increase the amount of human growth hormone (HGH) in your body by stimulating your body to produce more. No matter how old you are, the pituitary gland can produce the same amount of HGH with introducing foreign substances. Plus, the body regulates how much human growth hormone it needs naturally to keep you performing at your best. For more information on HGH supplements, see more of our articles below.

HGH Spray: A Taste of Victory

As the medical world continues to solve the mysteries of the human body, man steadily gets more control over himself. One of these solved mysteries has been the discovery of the human growth hormone (HGH) molecule and the molecules that make the body produce it. Human growth hormone sprays can now allow you to easily increase your levels of human growth hormone at your own will.

Human growth hormone was discovered in 1998 and is now available in pills, shots and sprays. The spray form of human growth hormone is a liquid placed under the tongue and absorbed in less than five seconds twice per day. This convenient form then boosts your HGH output from the pituitary glands throughout the day and night.

Oral HGH spray is more effective than pills or injections for several reasons. It easily enters the tissue lining of the nose and mouth and is quickly absorbed into the blood stream where it begins to work. Unlike human growth hormone pills, the active ingredients of HGH spray are not broken down in the digestive system; they are processed in the blood where they can be most efficient.

Spray forms of human growth hormone usually cost about $500-$1250 per year and are available at many health food stores. Remember that human growth hormone – HGH sprays are not the actual hormones produced by your body. They are stimulants which help your body make what it needs to lose weight, look younger and gain more muscle. For more information on HGH spray and other related information, refer to our main page for more articles.

Human Growth Hormone Supplements Benefits

There are several different benefits of HGH supplements involved. HGH works in an individual by restoring human growth hormone levels back to their youth, at the time when the production of the hormone was at its natural levels. There have been a total of 20,000 clinical studies performed around the world involving HGH replacement therapy and it has shown improvements in a person’s energy levels, well being, and overall health.

The following benefits below have been associated with the human growth hormone:

  • Increased levels of energy
  • A more clearer, sharp vision
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Lower blood pressure levels and lower cholesterol
  • An increase in the individual’s muscle mass
  • Improved Mood
  • Wounds heal quicker
  • Firmer and Smoother Skin
  • Vital Organ Regrowth
  • Body Fat reduction
  • Youthful Immune Function Restoration
  • Bone Strength
  • Hair regrowth

A doctor of the American Academy for Anti-Aging medicine, Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Goldman stated that HGH can decrease the body fat by nearly 14% after a period of 6 months without a need for dieting. (Source: Stopping the Clock). This same source also makes statements by Dr. Klatz and Goldman that HGH results in a gain of 8.8% in an individual’s muscle mass after 6 months, without any need for exercising at the gym or at home.

For more HGH benefits and other articles related to the growth hormone, visit our home page.

HGH Supplements Side Effects

There are different HGH supplements side effects that can result in an individual that you should be aware of and know about. There are several documented side effects associated with the human growth hormone for both, adults who are sexy and adults with growth hormone deficiency who are taking HGH.

Some of the HGH supplements side effects that can result may include: heart failure, bloating, leg swelling, muscle and joint pain, and other conditions such as the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, related to the retention of the fluid. A Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where wrist tissues become swollen, resulting in both pain and weakness.

These HGH supplements side effects along with the symptoms usually go away when the dosage of growth hormone is reduced. Individuals could be at risk for acromegaly, if people who administer the growth hormone take an amount larger then they should or those who are not monitored the way they should be with proper care.

For more information on the side effects of HGH supplements and other additional related research articles dealing with the subject matter, visit https://www.healthline.com/health/hgh-side-effects.

HGH Supplements – Aging with Grace

As you age, you may find yourself wanting to be younger again, with more energy and stamina. If you want to wake up saying “I feel great!” then you should consider growth hormone therapy (GHRT) as a way to get back that youthful feel. Combined with a good diet, daily exercise and stress-lowering techniques, growth hormone therapy can help rejuvenate your lifestyle.

Patients using growth hormone therapy have reported an increase in mental strength including a better memory, a sharper wit and a more positive outlook on life. Some have been able to halt their anti-depressant treatments because of growth hormone therapy. HGH supplementation does make you feel better, and it may be good for you, too. Armed with wholesome diets and daily exercise plans, patients on growth hormone therapy also reported some healthy weight loss and muscle growth. Medical tests revealed that their bodies were producing healthy levels of important proteins and insulin naturally again.

Those on growth hormone therapy were still susceptible to injuries and illness that other people encounter but they are more resilient because of their healthy lifestyle and system. HGH supplement helps with recovery from the daily stress that comes from work and exercise. After you have been on growth hormone therapy for a period of time, such recovery becomes a part of your normal routine.

HGH supplementation is a tool you can use to extend your functionality for a few more years. People don’t stay perfect as they age and HGH supplements can help them slow the signs of aging. Several studies indicate that growth hormone therapy can stimulate a healthier mind and a more productive body even as you age. Ask you doctor about the benefits growth hormone therapy could have for you.

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Tips for Healthy Aging

The National Institute of Aging has put together a list of tips for healthy aging that I thought was interesting. You have to realize that there is no substance that can actually extend your life, however you can improve your chances by living a healthier lifestyle if you follow the following healthy aging tips:

  • Try to exercise on a regular basis. If you currently have any disease conditions, let your doctor know and see what exercise program will work for you and will benefit your life.
  • Follow a balanced food diet. Eating fruits and vegetables is great for your body! Use natural HGH releaser supplements and weight loss supplements.
  • If you are a smoker, you should stop. Remember that it is never too late to quit.
  • Physical Health Examinations are also good to do during regular check-ups to make sure you are in good shape.
  • Stay active by getting involved with a community or at your workplace and interact with your family and friends!
  • If you drive a car, always wear your seatbelt and follow other safety routines to avoid dangerous situations.
  • Avoid too much exposure to cold and sun
  • Drink alcohol in moderation, and never drink and drive. Always have someone who is sober who will be able to drive a car safely.
  • Plan ahead your business and financial goals ahead of time and keep all your financial records in place
  • And last but not least, always keep a positive outlook on life and enjoy things you like doing!

Follow these healthy aging steps above and you will lead a happier life!

Fore more information on anti-aging, visit https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5655361/.

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Homeopathic HGH

A form of medicine using small doses of natural occurring substances in order to provide stimulation to the individual body’s immune and endocrine systems is known as Homeopathic HGH. A good way to think of Homeopathy is to think of it like a Vaccine, in which microscopic foreign protein amounts enter the body in order to establish an immune response. There is currently a lack of scientific proof for homeopathy and it is considered as an alternative.

National Institute of Health however has published a study which reported some success when using HGH from DNA recombinant technology in order to produce Homeopathic HGH. Individuals who administered a single dose three times daily for a period of 2-4 weeks showed an increase of 8-23% in their IGF-1 Levels. Some of the benefits included:

  • Enhanced immune and metabolic function
  • Improved immune system
  • Reduction of body fat and increase in lean body mass
  • Elimination of pain in the joints

This product was also tested on patients with HIV. During a four month placebo-controlled and double blind clinical study, it was determined that the groups that were treated had experienced decreased viral loads, stabilized or increased T4 cell count, increased weight gain, better mineral metabolism, and a lower measure of inflammation within the body. During this placebo group, for the same amount of time, viral loads went up while T4 cells were down, together with weight loss and increase in infection. No adverse side effects have been reported from this treatment method.

Homeopathy is a subject of controversy, appearing to violate common beliefs of physiology and pharmacology. A single study does not mean it is enough evidence. There is an ongoing confirmation that awaits right now by the scientific community from additional university related sources.

For more information on Homeopathic HGH supplements and other growth hormone research, visit https://www.livestrong.com/article/16255-homeopathic-hgh-work/.

Completely Safe Herbal HGH

Many athletes have chosen to risk their health for the sake of human growth hormone injections. Their theory is that as long as they take what they need to excel, it doesn’t matter that they are putting their body in harm’s way because they hope to make enough money over time to pay for any health problems that arise.

For the everyday Joe, however, that is an awful theory. Why risk your health when you don’t have to, especially when you will probably not be able to afford the costs of fixing the problem later. Instead, use a safe herbal HGH that will no doubt provide you with the same healthy body without risking damaging any of your glands.

A Safe Herbal HGH – Does it Work?

There are several herbs that make up a safe herbal HGH that will no doubt work for you. These herbs are more than just plants – they have messengers that your body uses naturally to tell itself to create more of the beneficial human growth hormone.

Since you take these natural messengers rather than injecting yourself with one of the dangerous shots, you are ensuring that you are getting a safe herbal HGH that will not damage your body or your brain.

When you take the unsafe ones, on the other hand, that is no guarantee. It is easily possible (if not probable) that when you inject yourself with synthetic hormone your body will decide that it no longer needs to product the hormone itself and shut down all human growth hormone production from the gland.

This can be exceedingly dangerous. Your body needs human growth hormone for several different processes, and if it shuts down there will have to be other ways of making up for the loss of hormone, usually involving taking more shots every day for the rest of your life. No one that takes HGH plans on using it forever, and that is why a safe herbal HGH is so incredibly necessary – so that you do not put yourself in any serious health risks just because you want to look younger or feel better. It simply isn’t worth it.

History of HGH in Athletics

HGH has been used since the 1970’s to help athletes everywhere achieve a higher level of performance as well as recover faster from any wear and tear on their bodies.

As soon as the human growth hormone was identified and located as an agent that could enhance bodily processes on a cellular level, it was in instant demand from people like professional athletes, Olympians and bodybuilders alike.

However, human growth hormone was not available synthetically yet so anyone who wanted to take advantage of its benefits had to buy HGH that had been extracted from cadavers.

Although there were no tests for the hormone, it was immediately clear which athletes were taking advantage of human growth hormone based on their performance.

For example, the Chinese Olympic Swim Team went from having won zero medals for years, to winning 4 gold medals at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics, and then 12 gold Medals at the World Championship two years later—all thanks to HGH.

Legality of HGH

Even though there are bans and regulations against using injections of HGH, there are no restrictions against supplements that help your body release more of its own HGH into your system.

How Do HGH Supplements Work?

HGH supplements, or HGH releasers, have been carefully formulated to manipulate the messenger RNA in your body, telling your body to produce more human growth hormone. As soon as your body releases this HGH it acts as an anabolic (or building) agent.

HGH works to increase muscle mass by sarcomere hyperplasia (the mass production of muscle cells) as well as increasing the body’s ability to process protein.

By increasing cellular activity, HGH naturally raises your body’s metabolism without any of the harmful side effects that caffeine or ephedra have on the body.

But HGH doesn’t only increase the number of calories you burn while resting, it also increases the body’s ability to process lipids for energy, meaning that your body will look to your fat stores for energy rather than your muscle mass.

We’ve found an extremely efficient HGH supplement to be Secratatropin HGH. This supplement’s all natural ingredients have been shown to release more HGH into your blood stream than any other supplement on the market.

If you’re interested in gaining muscle and losing fat, HGH is a great way to increase the natural ability of your body.

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Genf20, Human growth hormone Supplement: Does it slow aging?

By the time you reach the age of 30, whether you are a man or woman, you have already reached your peak in terms of energy, vitality, and overall usefulness. As they say, it is only downhill from there. One of the reasons for this is because your human growth hormone levels are dropping quickly. But, that doesn’t mean that any HGH supplement will work for you. You might first want to learn a little about GenF20 Plus before you try any other product.

What Is GenF20 Plus HGH supplement?

GenF20 Plus is what is known as an HGH booster or HGH enhancer. It does not contain human growth hormone, because you would need a prescription for that, but it contains the natural ingredients that are necessary to promote more HGH production throughout your body. It is able to do so because the ingredients are divided between tablets that you take each day, and an oral spray, too, which will give you the best possible results.

How Does This Get Results?

When you take GenF20 Plus HGH supplement, perhaps the first thing that you will notice right off the bat is that you have more energy. If you can think back to the amount of energy you had as a teenager or as someone in their early 20s, you might remember what this would like. Within days of taking GenF20 Plus HGH supplement , most people notice this increase in energy, and also realize that they have greater memory and focus, too.

Both men and women notice a significant reinvigorated sexual drive, and men also notice a very different sexual performance, too. With more HGH throughout your body, you will notice that your skin looks better, your hair grows in better, and even your vision is improved. You will be better able to fight illnesses, and losing excess body fat will not be a problem for you anymore. In other words, this really is like the fountain of youth.

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Where Should You Make Your Purchase?

If you are thinking about giving GenF20 Plus HGH supplement a try, then you should definitely make an effort to buy it from the official website where it is sold at a discounted price. Also, you will get three free bonuses, which includes free express shipping in the United States, when you buy six months’ worth at a time.

It is also important to note that when you buy GenF20 Plus HGH supplement from the official website, you will also get a 60 day money back guarantee. Therefore, you really don’t think this will work for you, then there is no risk in trying.

Is GenF20 Plus HGH Supplement Worth Trying?

With so many potential benefits to having more HGH in your system, there is simply no reason not to give GenF20 Plus HGH supplement a try. The fact that this comes in both an oral spray and a tablet that you take on a daily basis enables you to get the most powerful ingredients possible without a prescription.

The type of results you will see will depend on your age and your health, but both men and women of all ages have noticed significant changes in many aspects of their life within days of taking GenF20 Plus HGH supplement. So, if you are tired of feeling your age, and not having the type of energy, strength, and focus that you used to have, then this natural human growth hormone supplement might be the product you have been waiting for.

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