5 Foods Not to Eat

We all have our little indulgences. For some it’s chocolate; for others it’s hot dogs. However, despite their scrumptious and appetizing flavors, these 5 foods should be avoided if you want to stay healthy. (more…)

Losing weight: where to start from?

If you really want to lose weight, the first thing you have to do is to unsubscribe from all the so-called “spots” and “diet” pages on social networks and start working on yourself. (more…)

Lose Weight Effectively With 13 Strategies

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10 Ways to Sleep Better

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Diet and Nutrition, The Secrets You Need To Succeed

Diet and Nutrition is such a broad subject. To make it simpler, think of diet as what you eat, and nutrition as knowing the right things to eat to feed your body what it needs. We’re all used to hearing

The New Sonoma Diet Plan and Foods

The New Sonoma Diet, inspired by a Coastal California healthy way of eating and an active lifestyle, promises a trimmer waist and more energy in just 10 days by indulging in meals that are all about celebration, not deprivation. (more…)