These days life is mainly about stress, rushing around and trying to keep up with a hectic schedule. With hardly enough time to sort out the bills, feed the kids and ensure everything at work is running smoothly, just how exactly are you supposed to fit 30 minutes exercise into each and every single day?

Fitness should be a big part of your life no matter how busy it may be. It is all about putting things into perspective and getting your priorities right. In order to do this you should:

Write your daily schedule down

The easiest way to figure out where your time goes each day is to write down your schedule. Include what time you get up and what you do before you go to work. Next move on to how long it takes you to get to work, and then what you do whilst at work. Finally move on to what you do after work, how long it takes you to get home and what time you go to bed.

Once you have written your schedule you should be able to see if there is anywhere that you can make a change. For example, is there any work which you could hold back on in order to fit exercise into your life? Many people these days work through their Lunch hours and even over the hours that they are paid for, just to get their work finished. Would it really be a catastrophe if you didn’t stay behind one night a week? It probably wouldn’t and again it is all about getting your priorities right.

Work out in your lunch hour

Whilst not everybody gets an hour for lunch, if you do you might want to take advantage of it and use it to work out. More and more people are turning to working out in their lunch break at least once a week, as it seems to be the only time that they can get free. If the exercise just runs over an hour, why not ask your boss if you could do a little flexi time and perhaps work a little later or come in earlier to make the time up?

Make the little things count

If you are adamant that you cannot take 30 minutes of each day to partake in any form of exercise, then why not make small changes? Every single person can make a small change to their lifestyle, whether it is walking to work instead of taking the bus or driving, walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift, etc. There are always things we can do differently which will make us that little bit fitter.

So, overall fitting exercise into your busy schedule is not always as hard as it seems, even if it is only small changes that you are making! Every little helps and as long as you change your lifestyle a little, you are generally helping yourself out. Just do as much as you can and you will find that you get fitter in no time.

The Benefits of Weight Training

Not many people think of strength training when they think of losing weight. It simply sounds ridiculous building up strength to lose weight – after all, wouldn’t building up strength actually put weight on instead of getting rid of it?

The Advantages of Strength Training

Whilst you are building up strength and muscle when you strength train, there are many benefits of the exercise when it comes to losing weight. It is simply a myth that strength training builds up too much muscle and you cannot lose weight doing it.

Some of the best advantages of strength training include:

It Tones The Body

If done properly strength training will successfully tone the body and that will give the body a better shape. The whole purpose of losing weight is so that you are not only healthier, but also so that you lose those extra flabby bits which simply should not be there. By toning up the body you will become more confident and you will also be achieving your weight loss goal.

Building More Muscle Burns More Calories

Muscles are your best defence against fat and calories. Muscles are used to burn through the fat when you are working out and basically the more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn. This means that your weight loss will be faster and you will reach your goal a lot quicker. However, that isn’t to say that you should strength train until your muscles are as big as they possibly can be, it simply means that you strength train until your body is toned.

You Will Become A Lot Fitter

Strength training will also ensure that you become fitter overall. Becoming fitter not only allows you to do more exercise, but it also allows you to feel a lot healthier and happier at the same time. You will not get as tired out as quickly as you used to and that is likely to help you in your every day life in everything that you do. Becoming fitter can only have positive effects in your life and strength training can help you to achieve your fitness goals.

You Will Not Injure Yourself As Easily

Strength training toughens the body up and that means that you are far less likely to injure yourself as you would have been beforehand. Your muscles will be a lot stronger and will be less likely to tear which is great news if you do a lot of exercise and lead an active lifestyle.

The main thing to remember when strength training, is that you should always aim to work different parts of the body, not just one particular section. Also, combine strength training with other types of exercises in order to gain the best benefits. So, as you can see, strength training does have quite a lot of benefits so it is definitely worth thinking about!

Why fitness and weight loss go together

It is a fairly basic fact that it is simply not possible to lose weight and then maintain that weight if you do not keep fit. This is because regular exercise helps to burn off calories and fat and it helps to keep the body toned and trim. However, there is also a lot more to it than that.

Why keeping fit is vital

Keeping fit is vital to your health, not only because it helps you to lose those extra pounds, but also because it helps to keep your health in tip top shape.

Regular exercise helps to keep the cardiovascular system working properly and that can really help to reduce the risk of Heart Disease and other serious health problems. So, whilst you do need to still exercise in order to lose weight, your exercise regime should be more of a lifestyle choice than a simple weight reduction plan.

Other benefits of keeping fit include:
It improves the skin
It helps you to breathe easily
It is good for the blood
Regular exercise has been shown to keep the blood clean and healthy as it cleanses the system by getting clean air into the lungs. This helps to keep fresh blood pumping and that generally helps to keep the body healthier.

Fitness and losing weight

If you are using fitness to lose weight it is definitely the best method you can use, but remember to combine it with a healthy diet too. No amount of fitness program will give you the full benefits without a healthy diet! So, once you have a healthy diet and a good fitness regime, you are then ready to start feeling the benefits of weight loss through fitness.

No matter which exercise you choose to do it will all help but generally an exercise which really gets the heart rate up is better for your overall health. If possible combine workouts so for example, one day do something strenuous such as yoga or weight lifting, then another day do something more aerobic such as walking, running or swimming. The reason it is important to have a variety of exercises is to ensure that your body gets the full range of benefits. More strenuous exercises help to build up muscle and tone the body, whilst aerobic exercises help to burn calories and shift those pounds easier.

So, overall fitness and weight loss do go hand in hand but it is important to keep yourself fit for many other reasons too. If you keep a good fitness regime and a healthy diet, you will see those extra pounds fall off you fairly quickly!

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