testosterone boosters
Testosterone is the most crucial hormone for all aspects of the men’s health. Sports performance, appearance, sexual activity, and personal achievements are dependent on testosterone levels. That’s why each man aspires to keep testosterone high.

Unfortunately, nothing can prevent testosterone levels from natural plummeting when the man is getting older. The less testosterone you have, the more severe testosterone deficiency symptoms you will face.

Milk Nutrition Facts

Milk belongs to the most popular foods ever consumed by humans. And the milk consumption worldwide is only growing.

Butter, cheese, yogurts, cream, and other dairy products are always included to healthy diet plans.
Milk is filled with branch chain amino acids, protein, carbohydrates, triglycerides, and fatty acids such as palmitic, myristic, lauric acids. Also, milk is very high in calcium. There are much phosphorous, potassium, vitamin B12, and riboflavin.
In addition, the market is now flooded with fortified dairy foods. This means that these dairy foods and beverages are enriched with different valuable vitamins and micronutrients. Most frequently, the manufacturers add vitamin A and vitamin D to milk.
By the way, vitamin D is able to boost testosterone production in the man’s body in the natural way. And fortified milk covers 65% of daily allowance of vitamin D.
Moreover, there is a scientific proof that the proteins and fatty acids found in milk contribute to the active muscle development and reduction of body fat percentage.

Is Milk Harmful for Testosterone Levels?

There is an opinion of competent experts that milk may negatively affect testosterone synthesis in the man’s body and hence lower the levels of this extremely important hormone.
The matter is that the enhancement of dairy output requires from the farmers to keep their cows frequently pregnant. Due to this, milk is imbued with an abundance of hormones, actually approximately 50 ones.
The studies have indicated that milk usually includes androgens, growth hormone, glucocorticoids, and prolactin. And of course, it is very rich in estrogens, which are typical female sex hormones. So, the men absorb female hormones with milk. These hormones are the enemies of testosterone essential for the normal existence of the man’s body.
Also, some milk producers use doubtful farming methods. Thus, trying to increase milk output, they use hormones which may have undesirable influence on your body. In particular, these hormones may destroy your own hormonal balance. And the production of your own testosterone will be disturbed.

What Studies Tell

The study conducted in 2010 threw light on which influence milk hormones have on people.
The study involved children, women, and men who had to consume the cow’s milk. After this, they underwent a special blood test to check the levels of hormones.
The blood test has shown that the milk consumption led to the considerable elevation of female hormones such as progesterone and estrone. At the same time, testosterone levels dramatically decreased since GnRH hormone also declined. The latter one plays an important role in testosterone synthesis. This happened because of high estrogen levels in milk.
One more study given to the world by Medical Hyptheses made an attempt to evaluate to which extent estrogen available in milk can affect hormonal balance in humans.
The scientists worried about the high concentration of female hormones in milk. And not in vain. The study findings gave evidence that milk provides from 60% to 70% of all estrogens which people get with foods.
According to the study, the processing techniques used by the dairy foods manufacturers help cows produce milk during late pregnancy. Because of this, very high amounts of estrogens get into milk.
So, the nutrient content of milk which people drink nowadays differs from milk people used to drink a century ago.

The Bottom Line

Milk is in the list of superfoods irreplaceable not only for the nourishment of newborn babies, but also for the improvement of adults’ overall health.
Milk is very useful for people who want to build big muscles quickly and destroy excessive fat deposits naturally.
But modern milk is rich in female sex hormones which are harmful for testosterone secretion in men. So, if you want to maintain your own testosterone production at a high and stable level, you should drink milk moderately. Also, you should choose only organic milk.