Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of exercise methods to target this area. There are, however, exercises that aid in firming up the muscles found on the neck. Another point to remember is that there is a need to work the rest of the body if you want to obtain the most desirable effects.
Below are some exercise methods that will get you on your way to achieving a toned neck.
• Side Tilt: In a sitting or standing position, slant the neck halfway to the shoulder. The head should not come in contact with the shoulder and the back should be kept straight at all times. Hold this position for 10 counts then the head should be placed back to a center position.
• Back and Front Tilt: Still on a sitting or standing position with a straight back, tilt your head backwards until it is parallel to the ceiling. This position should be held for two counts with up to 10 repetitions each time.
• Side Resistance: Place one hand on the side of the head. Then, gradually move the head to the opposite side. This position should be maintained for 10 counts. Do the same for the other side.
• Front Resistance: Place one hand on the anterior portion of the head. Push the head slightly forward and provide moderate pressure by the hand towards the opposite direction. Again, hold this position for 10 counts.
• Rotation: Simply move the head from side to side in a slightly bent position. This should be repeated 10 times for both the left and right side. This can be performed either in a sitting or standing position.

Fat Burning Foods

Apart from exercise, eating the right kinds of food is essential in achieving one’s desired body weight. For instance, fiber-rich foods include whole grains, fruits, and veggies are also considered as foods that hasten the body’s capacity to burn fat. Also, it promotes proper digestion and keeps insulin levels under control. It also promotes the growth of muscles. Below are some of the most common fat burning foods.

Chicken, Turkey, and Egg Whites

These are protein rich foods that help encourage muscle growth. They also hasten a person’s metabolic rate. This is considered as a fat burning food because it increases muscle mass and therefore lessens the presence of fat. A serving of chicken or turkey breast, which can already make you feel sated, only has 120 calories. Such serving will also be enough to provide you with at least 26 grams of much needed protein.


This is a kind of fish which thrives in cold waters. It is popularly known as a fish that extremely low in fat but very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This kind of fat is considered as good cholesterol and is therefore beneficial for the body. Apart from being a fat burning food, salmon is very tasty.


This is considered to be very beneficial for dieters because it allows them to replenish lost fluids as well as helps regulate their appetite. Studies have shown that females who had soup for snacks were able to consume a lesser amount of calories for lunch.

Green Tea

This beverage keeps metabolism running on a fast pace. However some people do not drink green tea because of its taste. There have been studies that yielded results of green tea being very high in antioxidants and this aids in the prevention of malignant and cardiovascular disorders.


A person who wants to lose weight should take in adequate amounts of water daily. Several researches have shown that being properly hydrated speeds up metabolism. It can also help curb appetite and get rid of toxins from the body.

A Jumpstart to Having a Low Fat Diet

A low fat diet is indispensable when it comes to losing weight. Many individuals are not sure about how this diet can be accurately done so here are some basic but helpful hints on the general aspects of a low fat diet.

How to Begin

One of the first things that need to be established right from the start of embarking on this diet is to set realistic goals. Initially, the amount of weight loss won’t be so much so make sure that you do not expect something that is beyond 2-3 lbs for the first week. Going on extreme diets will do you no good and may in fact predispose you to certain illnesses.
Skipping meals will not help as well especially if you miss breakfast. You do not need to skip any meals so long as you eat the right kinds of foods and consume only an appropriate serving. As always, it is also recommended that a person drinks a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day. This will help curb one’s appetite, hydrate the body, and promotes proper digestive function. Do your best to avoid red meats. Although it is highly recommended, you do not need to go vegetarian. Just make sure you control your meat intake. Consume fish for a minimum of two times weekly in order to get adequate supplies of omega-3. Choose only natural diet pills and supplements.

It’s Time to Exercise

Exercise is still necessary even when you control your food intake. They are each other’s perfect match and will allow you to lose a lot of weight. When a person exercises regularly, he raises his metabolic rate thereby allowing the body to expend more calories. Even the simplest forms of cardio exercises such as walking or jogging will be very beneficial for your health.