The New Sonoma Diet, inspired by a Coastal California healthy way of eating and an active lifestyle, promises a trimmer waist and more energy in just 10 days by indulging in meals that are all about celebration, not deprivation.

The diet recommends using the “right sized plate”, i.e, smaller 7″ to 9″ plates instead of the standard 12″ plate, filling the smaller plates according to instructions, and following meal plans that suggest what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The meals are mainly built around 12 “power foods”:

Diet pills

The Sonoma Diet stresses simplicity and wholesome, flavorful ingredients. It is not just about a way of eating, but a way of living. The diet is divided into three “Waves”:

✔ The initial 10-day Wave is designed to naturally recalibrate the body and turn around bad eating habits.
✔ Wave 2 is the main segment of the diet, which is followed until the target weight is reached.
✔ Wave 3 is the maintenance program.

But, is it Plant-Based?

Plant-based diets are increasingly and quickly gaining recognition and support for the wide range of health benefits they confer. While the Sonoma Diet is centered around 12 healthy, plant-based foods, the diet is not plant-based, vegetarian or vegan, as many of the meals plans and recipes incorporate red meat, poultry, seafood and dairy products.

High FODMAP Foods List

Human microbiome research is still in its infancy but, thus far, research suggests that the microbiome plays an important role in many aspects of human health, including the digestive, immune, nervous and endocrine systems. Therefore, it may not be wise to possibly create an imbalance in the gut microbiota by starving out beneficial bacteria.

Consult a Healthcare Professional

Because digestive disorders can be complex, it is always best to consult a qualified healthcare provider or professional who will take a thorough medical history, run appropriate lab tests and then recommend a diet that is customized for the individual.

Duke Diet & Fitness

Researchers at Duke University have been helping people lose weight since 1969. They have on-site programs in which patients gain valuable education, experience and practical behavioral strategies in order to shed the fat and the pounds.

The Duke researchers have devised a four-pronged method of attack to help people with weight loss. These different components include: personalized diet, fitness routine, behavioral strategies and medical expertise.

Three healthy meals and one snack a day are part of the plan. They offer varying carbohydrate level plans, though all diets are low in sodium and calories while being high in taste. The program extends to education about restaurants, grocery store shopping and cooking.

Activities such as yoga, stretching, strength training and tai chi are combined with several water aerobics and swimming to give an appropriate amount of exercise. Health assessments and personalized fitness plans are also offered.

A key factor in the success that the Duke Diet enjoys is that it focuses on long-term weight-loss. The behavioral strategies it uses are key for this to take place. They host workshops, individual assessments and a daily 15 minute check in. The behavioral strategies they offer help to identify unhealthy habits and provide new ways of thinking that will help you become more confident, motivated and self-aware.

As a top-notch medical research facility, Duke University is in a position to provide thorough medical expertise in helping with weight loss. Medical staff will review your history, perform important laboratory tests, report findings and offer recommendations. Lifestyle coaches also offer advise and support so that you are able to carry over your successes and new-found skills into your every day life.

Other tools utilized in the program include meal plans, recipes, weight tracker, food logs and a body-mass-index calculator. Two, three and four week programs are typical, though they offer up to 3 month stays for people as well.

Jenny Craig

Men and women around the country have found it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The result has been obesity, lack of energy, and mounting health problems. Jenny Craig offers all the essential tools, services, and food plans making it possible to reach your desired weight goal and improve your health. By covering every corner, Jenny Craig has assisted thousands of people in living healthier and more productive lives.

Online assistance, calendars, and food charts offer a way to help people keep track of their progress and to stay focused on their weight loss goals. One-on-one personal counseling and phone counseling provide knowledgeable professionals who help people over difficult obstacles and assist in helping each person to make a tailor-made food plan and exercise routine which will fit smoothly into their lives.

One of the pitfalls that throw many people off the track of losing weight and staying fit are the lack of time to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. Jenny Craig offers a large variety of prepared meals filled with nutrients, protein, fruits, and vegetables. These meals are portioned to avoid overeating and counselors can help the client to select the best meal plan for him or her, along with choosing prepared snacks, drinks, and energy bars for those moments when you need a boost or something to ease the hunger between meals.

Jenny Craig will help to ensure success at weight loss and a healthier lifestyle not just by providing a diet but by providing a new way of life, a new perspective at food intake, and by helping the person to incorporate a moderate amount of exercise into his or her life which will tone up the body as the weight begins to fall away. Experienced customer counselors are available on a daily basis to walk you through any questions or concerns and to address issues such as what to do when eating out, going on vacations, and other dietary concerns.

Diet to Go

Diet-to-Go is a meal delivery service that delivers fresh, healthy meals straight to their customers. Instead of having to prepare healthy meals from complicated recipes, Diet-to-Go works to make weight loss as easy as possible. This diet plan is based around a nutritionally balanced diet and serves perfectly portioned meals, so that dieters can simply eat their way to great health and a trim body.

How It Works

Diet-to-Go customers can choose from low carbohydrate, low sodium, diabetic, low fat, or vegetarian meal plans that cater to their individual caloric needs. These meal plans can be chosen in five or seven day increments, which allows customers to order these plans according to the number of weeks they will be on their diet. Unlike many other meal delivery services, Diet-to-Go supplies all of the sides, condiments, and little extras, like juices, that customers need to make a full meal.

Diet-to-Go delivers to customers in each of the 50 states or offers easy pick-up to customers living in DC, Baltimore, Virginia, San Francisco or the Philadelphia/New Jersey area. This delivery service also offers a diet related blog that offers great tips and nutritional information, as well as a forum for dieters that need some additional support.

What About Taste?

Diet-to-Go meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients in order to guarantee great taste. Meal plans can be chosen to contain either 1,200 or 1,600 calories, depending on the customer’s nutritional goals and intended weight loss. Additionally, each meal plan can be altered so that customers can swap the meals they like, for those that don’t quite meet their tastes. This allows customers to tailor the perfect weight loss plan that will feel like more a treat than a diet.

The Price of Good Health

The average price of Diet-to-Go is around $17.85 a day. When including the $16.95 average shipping cost, most customers are looking at around $106.70 for the five-day plan and $142.40 for the 7-day plan. While this may seem expensive, Diet-to-Go is actually more affordable than most other diet delivery services. For dieters that need convenience, but don’t want to sacrifice taste, Diet-to-Go is a great plan to make losing weight easier than ever.

The Zone Diet

As society has become increasingly concerned with obesity prevention, many different diets have been developed and marketed. Rather than searching for fad diets, those seeking life long health and weight loss need to follow a healthy and realistic dietary system. With the Zone Diet plan the average person can feel confident that they are using a balanced approach to eating.

Developed by Dr. Barry Sears in 1995, the Zone Diet plan is based on the principle of using food to control the body’s insulin level. This diet addresses the types of food people eat rather than how much is eaten. The Zone allows enables users to stay healthy by balancing the types of foods eaten in order to maintain optimal insulin levels. With the Zone diet one third of a meal would consist of low-fat protein and two-thirds fruit and vegetables. Small amounts of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats are called for because fats are necessary for health.

A Balanced Lifestyle with The Zone

The Zone treats food and eating differently than other diets do. Zone Diet meals allow a person to achieve balanced insulin levels and remain hunger free for the next four to six hours. This allows dieters to avoid between meal snacks and carbohydrate cravings. However, the diet calls for three small meals and two snacks daily. This allows Zone participants to feel food sated without the fear of food limitations that come with other diet plans. Dr. Sears urges participants to eat the required snacks and meals at certain times of the day even if they are not particularly hungry. Eating when not hungry maintains balanced insulin and allows individuals time to choose healthy food rather than simply eating what is quickest in an effort to stop hunger.

The Zone focuses on using diet as an approach to improving overall life health. The diet emphasizes the importance of daily physical activity and promotes consumption of 64 ounces of water daily. Eating in a balanced fashion allows people to avoid dramatic mood swings and increase mental clarity. With practice the Zone is an easily used diet that appeals to people from all walks of life.


For many dieters, one of the biggest roadblocks to staying healthy is the huge amount of convenience food most need to eat in a day in order to eat when you’re actually hungry. Quick snack foods like chips and fast food are often packaged in a way that means even healthy choices end up giving you an unrealistically large portion of food and changing your expectations about what a healthy meal is supposed to look like. Nutrisystem helps dieters learn what healthy eating is really supposed to be by providing convenient healthy meals and snacks in realistic portion sizes that you can work into your daily life.

What You Get

In order to train dieters to recognize a healthy portion of food, Nutrisystem sends pre-packaged meals and snacks that are designed to fill up a healthy adult without overloading sugars and unhealthy carbohydrates. With Nutrisystem, you supplement the foods the diet provides with a selection of healthy fruit, vegetables, and dairy in order to create a healthy meal or snack. Nutrisystem comes with several diet plan options including a standard plan with a large meal selection, a plan for men, a menu for older adults, a vegetarian option, and a meal plan for diabetics. The program also sends support videos and literature that will help a dieter learn the Nutrisystem program and apply lessons to future food preparation.

Why Nutrisystem Helps

Portion control issues and carbohydrate loaded sugary high glycemic index food decisions cause many dieters to fail before they even start. Nutrisystem works on combating this issue by illustrating the correct portion sizes for many different types of food and teaches dieters how to choose healthy, low glycemic index foods that will keep hunger and blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. With Nutrisystem, the majority of the food you will eat while in the program- including snacks- is provided to eliminate calorie counting and discourage unhealthy convenience eating. The package Nutrisystem provides is a great way to start losing weight while learning about how to keep it off with healthy food choices.

Tips on how to Eliminate Toxic compounds From Our Body

Detoxification diet is a controlled diet that can help minimize the toxins in a system. Toxic compounds could be the result of a number of ingredients similar to alcohol, tobacco, pesticide sprays as well as other elements. Detoxify diet programs help in cleaning these types of toxic compounds via the bodily organs of elimination such as skin, liver, kidneys and so on. A detox diet plan beefs up the organs needed for cleanse and also emits stored harmful toxins. A detoxification program may include a special diet, dietary products, herbs, hydrotherapy, work out, breathing strategies and/or sauna.

Cleanse Diet program: Toxin Removal

The most crucial way of getting rid of poisons from your body is via removal of urine as well as stools. It’s pretty crucial to have standard bowel movements to avoid the entire body taking back the toxic ingredients. Take in fibrous fruit as well as veggies such as a banana. You may possibly even try flax seed with water. This can have a light laxative influence as well as help you clear your own bowels. Lemon juice in water has a rather laxative effect and also induces the digestive juices which are critical for cleanse. Squeeze a wedge or maybe 1/4 lemon in to warm water and drink just after rising each morning, before having the flaxseed drink.

Cleanse diet plan using simple meals

You can find a variety of diet programs obtainable. And also those do not need to indicate fasting as well as eating odd and uncommon fruits or even vegetables. Your own diet plan ought to include fresh as well as a simple fruit and also veggies that are cooked in a very basic fashion with out too much of spices or even oil or perhaps fat and also calls for minor preparation. Such foods are quickly digestable and also are very easily absorbed and also may be easily eradicated. Not only may this fresh food diet do away with toxins, but it’s also going to improve energy as well as stamina, help you digest better, get you better mind clearness as well as focus, a feeling of calm and decreased allergic symptoms.