The New Sonoma Diet Plan and Foods

The New Sonoma Diet, inspired by a Coastal California healthy way of eating and an active lifestyle, promises a trimmer waist and more energy in just 10 days by indulging in meals that are all about celebration, not deprivation.

The diet recommends using the “right sized plate”, i.e, smaller 7″ to 9″ plates instead of the standard 12″ plate, filling the smaller plates according to instructions, and following meal plans that suggest what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The meals are mainly built around 12 “power foods”:

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The Sonoma Diet stresses simplicity and wholesome, flavorful ingredients. It is not just about a way of eating, but a way of living. The diet is divided into three “Waves”:

✔ The initial 10-day Wave is designed to naturally recalibrate the body and turn around bad eating habits.
✔ Wave 2 is the main segment of the diet, which is followed until the target weight is reached.
✔ Wave 3 is the maintenance program.

But, is it Plant-Based?

Plant-based diets are increasingly and quickly gaining recognition and support for the wide range of health benefits they confer. While the Sonoma Diet is centered around 12 healthy, plant-based foods, the diet is not plant-based, vegetarian or vegan, as many of the meals plans and recipes incorporate red meat, poultry, seafood and dairy products.

High FODMAP Foods List
Human microbiome research is still in its infancy but, thus far, research suggests that the microbiome plays an important role in many aspects of human health, including the digestive, immune, nervous and endocrine systems. Therefore, it may not be wise to possibly create an imbalance in the gut microbiota by starving out beneficial bacteria.

Consult a Healthcare Professional
Because digestive disorders can be complex, it is always best to consult a qualified healthcare provider or professional who will take a thorough medical history, run appropriate lab tests and then recommend a diet that is customized for the individual.

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